Other Services

Documentation and Records Checking

On occasion a client will be in the market to purchase or sell an existing building, in this regard we can check all the existing Owners Documentation, normally housed on site, relating to the vertical transportation and advise or source anything pertinent which is required, for example wiring diagrams or equipment data sheets.


Traffic Studies and Analysis

We can provide detailed traffic analysis on existing or new build schemes where required.

This information provided in a report format allows you and your professional team to make informed decisions regarding the number, speed and capacity of lifts or escalators required to make your building work in compliance with BCO or other requirements.


Test Compliance and Noise Quality Checks

Just as it says, we can carry out detailed checks following completion of the contractors testing and commissioning of the lifts or escalators as well as noise quality audits relating to existing or new lift installations.


Meeting Attendance

If you simply wish to hire us for meetings on an hourly basis then please contact us and will provide you with our hourly rates dependent on who best within our organisation deals with your issue.