Our philosophy

Our philosophy as a practice is simple, to provide, honest, straightforward, helpful advice.

Free and helpful advice

You as an owner or manager of a lift or escalator portfolio will at times feel the need for independent advice, Vertex can provide you with that advice using terminology all asset owners or managers will understand and be able to act upon.

Your buildings vertical transportation is key in the successful operation of your building, they have an impact on the overall efficiency of your building including running costs, ultimately these and many more factors affect the value of your building as well as the ease of building use for the occupiers and visitors.

A range of bespoke services

Our range of professional consultancy services are designed to assist in the above areas whether you are considering a long-term strategy incorporating product upgrades, change of building use, major modernisation, new equipment or scheduled repairs over an agreed period to meet statutory regulation and Code Standard compliance.

We approach every commission on its own merits as no two buildings are the same, as a client your requirements are key so that we provide you with the best possible advice in terms of cost, equipment and programme periods every time.