Case Studies

Project: Nike West London, Westfield
Client: Nike, Inc.
Consultant: Vertex VT Consultants
Contractor: Kone plc

We engaged with Nike via Mace Consulting in early 2021 who had purchased a new store within Westfield in Shepherds Bush, West London.

The building was to be fully refurbished and re-oriented with the main entrance being moved and for Vertex the lift was to be replaced.

Following a detailed survey of the existing lift Vertex worked through a detailed design to provide the optimum solution for the client and their new store, considering a Mezzanine floor was to be added with the lift configuration as a ‘Through Type’ car.

Kone won through in the tender process and the new lift was installed in time and on budget for the store opening in July 2022.

Project: Mannerhead Wimbledon Common
Client: Private Residents
Consultant: Vertex VT Consultants
Contractor: Lyfthaus

Vertex were commissioned by the owners of ‘Mannerhead’ on Wimbledon Common to provide a bespoke, engineered, disabled access lift within the existing stair core.

A challenge to say the least noting that the existing stair core is elliptical in shape and coated in polished plaster to a very high finish, the actual base of the lift structure will sit upon an existing marble bridge between the front of house reception and dining room.

After several meetings and surveys on site the selected product, manufactured by CIBES, suited the client’s needs best, the platform which sits within its own glazed and steel structure, travels between the Ground and Second floors with a ‘through’ entrance at Ground level.

Whilst challenging the finished product is stunning and in keeping with such a beautiful house in an idyllic location.

Project: Former House of Fraser, Leamington Spa
Client: Oktra
Consultant: Vertex VT Consultants
Contractor: Murray Lifts

Vertex were tasked with offering up our opinion and thoughts on removing one large goods lift to be replaced with two smaller passenger carrying lifts.

An interesting concept involving the studying of the existing lift well constraints to see if it was feasible to replace one lift with two as well as maintaining the proposed traffic flow of the building which was planned to be converted to offices.

Using our in-house design and traffic analysis calculation tools we ascertained that it was indeed feasible with the two new proposed lifts being more than capable of moving workers around the building in line with BCO (British Council of Offices) requirements.

Needless to say, the client was very pleased with the completed feasibility study at which point they moved forward with the planned refurbishment.

Project:  Nike, House of Innovation, Paris
Client:  Nike, Inc.
Consultant:  Vertex VT Consultants
Contractor:  Baglini
Principal designer:  Vertex VT Consultants

Late 2021 we were contacted by Nike who had concerns over their two bespoke glazed scenic passenger lifts sited at the heart of this new state of the art retail outlet in the Champs Elysees.

We attended site where one of the lifts was out of service and proceeded to survey the units.

A number of findings were made and reported back to the client team who in turn liaised with the present incumbent maintainer to get them resolved, the original manufacturer was also engaged to verify certain key design criteria of the supplied products.

 It’s always great to see bespoke solutions being supplied and installed as well as being part of a positive outcome when issues are encountered and need to be resolved.

Client:Lego Store, Leicester Square
Consultant: Mace
Contractor: Vertex VT Consultants
Principal designer: Stannah Lifts

Vertex were contacted by the building managers, Mace Consulting, to carry out detailed condition surveys to both lifts located within the Lego Store in Leicester Square, following consistent reliability issues over a two year period.

We attended site outside of normal working hours as the store lift is kept busy once the store opens at 10am.

Issues were identified and highlighted, the report was produced and the client is now liaising with the incumbent lift contractor to resolve the issues.

The only disappointment was that the lifts were not made of Lego!

Client: Directors of BV1
Consultant: Vertex VT Consultants
Contractor: Kone plc
Principal designer: Vertex VT Consultants

Vertex were instructed by the Directors of BV1 c/o Warwick Estates  to survey the existing four lifts, make recommendations and produce a detailed specification based on modernising the lifts so they last for a further 20 years. This is a site close to our hearts as one of our Directors was involved in the original lifts for Wimpey Homes in the late 90’s when the site was developed! 

Kone were employed as the lift contractor supplying a range of generic open protocol equipment which was integrated with the existing equipment retained which included the ram and cylinder plus the car carcass.

A successful project for all concerned with the lift works completed within programme and on budget.

Client: Far East Consortium
Consultant: Vertex VT Consultants
Contractor: Schindler Limited
Principal designer: Midgard

Vertex were approached, and later instructed, by Midgard to support them as the main contractor with the design and installation of 14 new lifts being fulfilled by Schindler UK. 

The scheme consists of two main high rise residential towers up to 64 floors,  one of which incorporates a luxury hotel plus school.

The Vertical Transportation is made up of high end passenger, goods, refuse and vehicle lifts, incorporating state of the art gearless technology including bespoke finishes to the Hotel and East Tower passenger lifts.

A fantastic project to be a part of and no doubt will have a positive effect on the Docklands skyline  

Client:  Nike, Inc.
Consultant:  Vertex VT Consultants
Contractor:  Kone plc
Principal designer:  Vertex VT Consultants

Vertex were employed by Nike Inc. to manage the replacement of the existing store passenger lift which over time had become increasingly unreliable and not fit for the stores’ purposes and increased business volume.

Kone were employed as the lift supplier and removed the existing lift, modified the existing steelwork within the lift well and installed a new MonoSpace DX passenger lift of the same load capacity of the existing lift.

A successful project for all concerned with the lift works completed two weeks ahead of schedule and on budget.